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HFM/HFP is also committed to assisting people who have Hepatitis C to receive the curative treatments. These medicines are costly. Low cost medicines however are available overseas though these may still cost as much as RM20,000 for a 3-month treatment course.
  • HFM/HFP will help eligible patients to secure reimbursement from the relevant payers such as SOCSO (for eligible workers), JPA (for government servants and pensioners), private health insurance and EPF Account 2.
  • HFM/HFP will finance the treatments of Hepatitis C for those who are truly poor, as determined by a means test.
  • HFM/HFP will also advocate for positive changes to our health policies (third party financing, pharmaceutical pricing, etc) to improve everyone's access to the treatments they need.

Prior online registration is required to access HFM/HFP treatment services. Please read the privacy and security policy, give consent to be treated and submit the registration to HFM/HFP below.



The Hepatitis Free Malaysia (HFM) / Hepatitis Free Pahang (HFP) would like to inform you that:
  • There are curative treatments for Hepatitis C. HFM/HFP is not obliged to pay for your treatment though it will try its utmost to finance the treatment of the poorest who are without recourse to other sources of financing such as through SOCSO, JPA, EPF Account 2, Health insurance.
  • The HFM/HFP staff will contact and follow-up on you to ensure you receive proper medical care and treatment for Hepatitis C.
  • Low cost medicines for the treatment of Hepatitis C are available overseas. This will require personal importation for which you shall bear sole responsibility.
  • Treatment may have adverse effect, for which you agree not to hold HFM/HFP responsible.
  • Hepatitis C is an infection. HFM/HFP may be required by law to notify people who have Hepatitis C to the Health authority.
  • De-identified data collected in the course of HFM/HFP's screening and treatment campaign may be used by HFM/HFP for research or statistical purpose.


I agree to the terms and conditions above.