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The Hepatitis Free Malaysia (HFM) / Hepatitis Free Pahang (HFP) currently offers FREE screening tests for Hepatitis C and B at participating hospital / clinics / pharmacies in Malaysia. Just go these clinics and pharmacies to get your FREE tests.

Alternatively, you could attend any of the events organized by HFM/HFP. We also provide the screening tests during the event.

In either case, prior online registration is required. Please read the privacy and security policy, give consent to be screened and submit the registration to HFM/HFP below.



The Hepatitis Free Malssaysia (HFM) / Hepatitis Free Pahang (HFP) would like to inform you that:
  • The Hepatitis C and B tests offered by the HFM/HFP are screening tests which only provide preliminary results. In the event you are tested positive, HFM/HFP will refer you for further confirmatory testing and medical evaluation.
  • In the event you are screened and confirmed to have Hepatitis C or B, you will require medical care and treatment and where possible linkage to care. HFM/HFP will assess patient eligible for finance support means test. HFM/HFP is not obliged to pay for your care and treatment though it will try its utmost to finance the treatment of the poorest who are without recourse to other sources of financing such as through SOCSO, JPA, EPF Account 2, Health insurance.
  • The HFM/HFP staff will contact and follow-up on you to ensure you receive proper medical care and treatment in the event you are confirmed to have Hepatitis C or B.
  • Hepatitis C and B are infections. HFM/HFP may be required by law to notify people who are confirmed positive to the Health authority.
  • De-identified data collected in the course of HFM/HFP's screening and treatment campaign may be used by HFM/HFP for research or statistical purpose.


I agree to the terms and conditions above.