Our Organisation

Our Activities

HFP will pilot Hepatitis Screening and Treatment campaign initially in Temerloh district of Pahang, and subsequently Kuantan, Bentong and Raub.

We are committed to providing Hepatitis awareness and care services to the public as follows:

  • Disseminate information to the public, healthcare providers, payers and policy makers
  • Respond to enquiries received through phone or social media (call centre)
  • Organize local publicity and media campaign
  • Organize local fund raising activities
  • Conduct screening of Hepatitis B and C
  • Counselling patients who are screened positive for HBV/HCV
  • Assist in obtaining reimbursement from payers (insurance, JPA, SOCSO, etc) or for the truly poor without other recourse, to finance their treatment for Hepatitis C
  • Liaison and coordination with local hospital, GPs and healthcare providers on Hepatitis B and C treatments.