Free Screening

HFP Hepatitis screening campaign in Temerloh

Besides raising awareness about Hepatitis B and C, HFM/HFP is committed to providing FREE screening test to the public. The Temerloh District of Pahang will be the first site in Malaysia where HFM/HFP will pilot its Hepatitis screening campaign, which is anticipated to be launched in June 2017.

There are basically TWO ways to access this FREE Hepatitis C screening service:

  • Walk-in to any participating Clinics or Pharmacies near you. Click here for the LIST of clinics and pharmacies
  • Attend any campaign events organized by HFP in Temerloh district, screening service will usually be provided on site during the event. Click here for the LIST of coming events

Or just simply call our Nurse Coordinator, Sister Tan Ah Choon at 016-9324054. She will help direct you

However you access this screening service, prior online registration is required.
Click here to register online in advance.
Of course you may also register online at the time when you access the screening service.

Who should be screened?

Anybody age 21 or older may freely access the Hepatitis C screening service, while for Hepatitis B, you must be aged 50 or higher.

However if you have any one of the risk factors listed below, you should be tested:

  • You have ever injected drugs.
  • You have received a tattoo or body piercing using unsterile equipment.
  • You have lived, or had medical attention in a high risk country (South East Asia, China, Eastern Europe (including Russia), or the Middle East).
  • You had a blood transfusion, or received blood products
  • You have ever been in prison.
  • You were born to a mother living with hepatitis C or B
  • History of multiple sex partners or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Long-term steady sex partners of HBV- or HCV-positive person
  • Healthcare or public safety workers after exposure to blood with hepatitis C or B virus


How is the screening test done?

It is as simple as pricking a fingertip for a finger stick test and within 20 minutes later, the results will show whether it's positive or negative.


Where to get the screening test?

Participating Clinics or Pharmacies (Click here)

Coming HFP events with screening tests (Click here)


What happened after screening?

After the screening, people who test positive will be referred by their physician for additional blood tests to confirm the result, and to determine which type of hepatitis C they have and whether their infection is active. They may also need tests for liver function or a biopsy to determine whether they have liver damage